non-responsibility and insurances in case of an accident

Only the basic insurances are included. During the activity, Tours Expedition Ottawa declares itself non-responsible of all accidents and clears itself of any wrong doing practises. no one expects the unexpected will happen during the expedition, and that the need to take emergency measures will be required. These events may occur and can be disturbing and expensive. Please protect yourself with proper travel insurance before leaving. Your insurance will help you select the protection you require and which one would serve you better during your travelling stay and your vacation projects. You must complete the Liability Waiver form attached before starting your expedition.

nOn-rEspOnsiBility cOncErning tHE cOntEnt OF WEBsitEs

Tours Expedition Ottawa’s website was designed with the utmost care. Tours Expedition Ottawa cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information provided by third parties on its website. Editors of Tours Expedition Ottawa reserves the right to change, remove or supplement, at any time, the information provided on its website. Tours Expedition Ottawa cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from the access, consultation or use of this website or information contained on other websites. This site contains links to other websites. Responsibility for these sites is the responsibility of the respective operators.

pEt pOlicy

The municipal health regulations prohibit pet access to any pets in any public premises or buildings, such as beaches, squares, parks, municipal offices, shopping centers, etc. Tours Expedition Ottawa applies this policy